::Seven Days

13 01 2009

and counting.

Don’t fuck anything up on your way out, George!

And put back the towels.




::it just occurred to me

12 09 2008

that Sara Palin is kind of like Madonna these days: kind of hot, kind of scary.



Judge for yourself.



::he’s still old, even if she is hot

29 08 2008

On the upside, McCain can’t say that Obama is too inexperienced any longer, since Palin’s resume includes governing Alaska (population 653, 053) for two years now, being mayor of Wasilla (population 8,471), and–let us not forget–being crowned Miss Wasilla 1984.

On the downside, her rack is a lot better than Joe Biden’s.



::keep your war on.

19 03 2008

Five years of war in Iraq.

I remember very clearly watching the start of the war on television. Seeing infra-red footage from the hotel balconies of the hundreds of journalists in Baghdad, seeing the bombs explode and hearing unconfirmed reports of civilians dieing. Excited updates from the embedded reporters, talking about leads on hard targets and troops carrying playing cards with the most-wanted memebers of the Iraqi government on their faces.

My son Liam was a week out from being born. I remember the apprehension I felt wondering how this would change his life, and the lives of so many other children born during this time. I feared the world we would give him, invading and occupying two Middle-Eastern countries at the dawn of the 21st century.

The war has been in his reality his whole life. His uncle spent a year in Iraq, served with honor and came back unsure how to cope with domestic bliss. His grandmother, a Major in the Air Force Reserves, spent 6 months in Afghanistan. She wrote out greeting cards in advance to all of her children and grandchildren, for all the birthdays and holidays, and instructed her husband on when they were to be sent. She also served with honor, and came home with inexplicable crying fits and a distance between herself and everyone around her that, nearly a year later, is wider than ever.

He takes notice of it on the news now, as well, and has questions about the war and what it means. Sometimes he reminds me of that old commericial for the Time-Life books on the Vietnam War.

“…Not a child’s question, but a question a child might ask…”

Maybe we’ll be able to order books or DVDs or some shit for them on the subject some day, paying for it all in easy monthly payments.

Speaking of paying for it all, according to NationalPriorities.org, California residents alone have spent over 66 billion dollars on the war since it started. To give an example of how the money could be otherwise spent, that could send 9,947,258 students in college to California for free. Maybe more, since one of the other costs of the war has been the tanking of the US and world economy. Then again, maybe less, because as I’m sure our fine President would point out, that kind of money poured into education would only make the US more appealing to all those illegal immigrants who sneak across the border and steal our best jobs.

Zachary, my oldest, turns 13 on Easter Sunday. He’s always been aware of the war. He has played games at school reliving the invasion and the capture of Saddam Hussein. In between making jokes about our Lord and Savior turning into a brain-eating zombie for his birthday, and jokes about bacon crucifix and scone effigy centerpieces, he has asked how old he will be when he has to go off to war. The answer is one I’m not ashamed to tell him.

If McCain is elected, he won’t turn 15 as a US resident.

It is a luxury I realize I’m very lucky to have. How many Iraqi children have died instead of turning 5? How many have experienced the terror of soldiers bursting into their homes and shoving rifles in their faces? How many have lost their brothers and fathers and uncles to shouting monsters who steal them away in the middle of the night?

So happy birthday, America. And happy birthday, Iraq.

Make a wish.



p.s. – To the five or so of you wondering where the fuck I’ve been? Got hit by a truck, laid off, into therapy, looking for a job, loving my kids, rebuilding my marriage.

It was a wee bit overwhelming, so the blog fell by the wayside.

::what kind of shit is this?

18 11 2007

“Know your drugs, know your doses.”–jeffrey goines (brad pitt) 12 Monkeys

I realize that most of you non-parental types 1) won’t give a shit about child immunizations, and\or 2) don’t see what the big deal about immunizing your children is, but this completely blew me away when I read it last night.

Immunizing your child is required to one degree or another in all states. In some states, you can opt out of immunizations for your child if you don’t ever start them, but schools tend to purposely give out misinformation about how that works, and behave very judgmentally when it comes to not immunizing your child. And in California, if you start you child off with vaccinations, you can’t ever back out of doing them–state law requires you to keep your kids going with them. This forces many kids into a lifetime of risk from immunizations, as many brand new parents haven’t yet done the research by the time their pediatrician schedules their infants for their first round of shots. And if you ask a doctor about the arguments against immunization, you’ll learn about how these are the same people who see UFOs and believe the CIA hired Fidel Castro as the second gunman on the grassy knoll.

And if you have done your homework and decide not to immunize your child, then the medical community and school districts treat you as if you’re a neglectful parent or some kind of conspiracy theory hippie nutjob, or both. They assume you want your child to get sick.

Well, a school district in Maryland has gotten around this by getting a court order for all kids in the district to be immunized, or else. Or else what? 10 days in jail for the parents who would be so bad as to not vaccinate their child. The district sent out letters to several hundred parents whose kids didn’t have up to date immunization records stating that their kids would be expelled if they didn’t get their kids up to date or prove that they were up to date by yesterday. If expelled the kids would be subject to state truancy laws, which would make the parents subject to up to 10 days in jail.

Why am I chapped about this? There are a lot of vaccines that are ineffective in the long term, and tie your child down to getting periodic boosters throughout their life, even into adulthood. Chicken pox vaccinations are a good example. If the boosters aren’t updated as they should be, an adult male vaccinated against chicken pox as a child could get it as an adult. Chicken pox as an adult can be particularly dangerous, and in men can lead to sterility. Getting chicken pox as a kid, on the other hand, protects you from ever getting it again, and your body doesn’t need a booster 10 years later.

There’s also been a trend in recent years, largely for cost savings and convenience, to combine or bond multiple vaccines into one treatment. The most well known of these is the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, bonded into one series called MMR. There’s no conclusive proof, but a lot of good research, linking the uptick in autism in the general population to some of the bonding agents used in these bonded vaccines. And while it is entirely possible that there is no link between bonded vaccines and autism, why would you take the chance? This is an issue because, thanks to the bonded vaccines, non-bonded vaccines are getting harder to come by. When Christine told our doctor that she wanted to give Liam the separate measles, mumps, and rubella shots, she was strongly discouraged, told that their network didn’t have it available, and finally told she would have to locate it on her own and that it may not be covered by insurance. She jumped through all these hoops, but I don’t know how many parents would have the option of doing that.

This really isn’t just a parental issue. This is about forced mass medication, mandated without proper research and without consideration given to alternative treatments. How many times have medical treatments been handed out like candy, only to discover some detrimental consequence years or decades later?

I feel like I should mention again how I’m not some conspiracy theory hippie nutjob. But then, the chickens and our kids’ tie-die wardrobes are all strikes against that.




::look at the crazy lady

12 08 2007

running for Congress.

In a completely inexplicable move that has eliminated what could be her greatest ally in Congress, Cindy Sheehan has proven once and for all that she is nothing more than a sad footnote in the anti-war movement in this country.

I was hoping she would finally go home and grieve for the son she lost.

Maybe later.



::see scooter scoot!

4 07 2007

Everyone is all flustered over the fact that W commuted Scooter’s sentence and that he won’t do any jail time.  What gets me on this isn’t the fact that this as done in the first place.  What gets me is the fact that this was done given the acts the brought on the charges.

Libby obstructed justice and perjured himself in the investigation of who reveled the identity of an undercover CIA agent.   So he actively interfered with trying to find out who destroyed the cover and endangered the life of a CIA operative.  He lied to the courts about potentially blew the lid off of every investigation she’d ever been involved with.  He put at risk dozens of people who had worked with Plame, either intentionally or accidentally, while she was undercover.

Imagine the joy of being some petty arms dealer in Yemen or somewhere, opening your week-old copy of the New York Times and finding out that there’s an investigation about who revealed that the person you introduced your boss to a month ago is actually a CIA agent.   This would make me very happy, I think.

And imagine being another agent in the CIA, and looking at his from that perspective.  Imagine who happy and satisfied you would feel if you knew that all of the very dangerous work you were doing, and your life itself, would be totally blown out of the water as soon as it was politically expedient.  That high ranking members of the Federal Government (but not the Executive branch…sorry, that’s a rant for another day) would destroy your career and that of those around you without a second thought, and that instead of wanting to find out who did it, the President would actively encourage a cover up.  That’s a warm feeling that would be washing over me, I think.

I think this is what we ought to be focusing on, but we’re not.  The acts that make up the crimes for which Libby has been convicted are lost in the drama of the trial and now the commutation.  These crimes aren’t merely perjury and obstruction.  These crimes are treason.  These crimes put the lives of at least one very dedicated and patriotic person at risk, never mind the people who had worked with her inside and outside of the CIA over the course of her career.

Scooter Libby isn’t the story.  Scooter Libby is the distraction.