::he’s still old, even if she is hot

29 08 2008

On the upside, McCain can’t say that Obama is too inexperienced any longer, since Palin’s resume includes governing Alaska (population 653, 053) for two years now, being mayor of Wasilla (population 8,471), and–let us not forget–being crowned Miss Wasilla 1984.

On the downside, her rack is a lot better than Joe Biden’s.




::the devil went down to georgia

9 08 2008

Georgia and Russia are still kind of bitter over that whole Stalin thing, I think.

So bitter that Georgia has declared a state of war on Russia.  For the Georgians, this is a step short of actually declaring war, but its a full scale shooting match no matter how you look at it.  The Russians are taking a page from Stalin’s (and Churchhill’s, Roosevelt’s and Eisenhower, and Bush’s) playbook, and directly targeting civilians in their gallant struggle to defend the peace loving North Ossetians from the barbaric hordes from South Ossetia.

Russia has a population of 146 million.  Georgia has 4.6 million.  Both have nukes collecting dust in old Soviet warehouses.

This should prove interesting.

Happy Saturday!



::back in the saddle again

3 08 2008

Haven’t posted in a while.

Think I’ll get back in the habit…maybe.