::damn it

31 03 2005

I knew it was going to happen. I spent three days trying to come up with exactly how to make a point on the whole Teri Shiavo thing. Not half an hour before I finish writing the thing, and what happens?She died.

I lag, she gets some peace.

I suppose I’ll run the post as a comment to this one, maybe on the off chance that there actually is someone who stumbles upon this waste of space in the blogodrome.

I was hoping she would outlive Jerry Falwell. But then, that’s just me being selfish.




::i like you, Clarence

8 03 2005

I had forgotten what a kickass movie True Romance really is, but the good folks at Netflix were kind enough to remind me.What the hell happened to Christian Slater? There’s a career that took a header, I tell you.



::Speaking of my ass

2 03 2005

Prunes are an effective, albeit potentially dangerous, tool.kisses,