::bagdhad burning

24 02 2006

I’ve mentioned Bagdhad Burning before, but it needs to be mentioned again. It needs to be required reading for boys and girls, children of all ages. It needs to be introduced as evidence at George Bush’s war-crimes trial.

But what the hell am I saying, really? As I sit here in my nice little cubical here at work while I should actually be working, having never hungered or suffered or lost a loved one due to someone’s moment of anger or the mishap of war or the misplacement of a smartbomb. Just another liberal pansy ass whining on the Internet about Bush’s vision for a Free Iraq–a vision that I don’t understand and probably never will.

I need to get in touch with a little reality.

You need to get in touch with a little reality.

Because you–sitting there in your cubical or at your desk at home or on your couch or the shitter–you need to know what is happening in the Brave New World that we created. Everyone one of us has done this. Everyone one of us has played our part.

Every Sunday in downtown Sacramento, there’s an anti-war protest. People stand on the corner of 16th and Broadway, holding up signs and shouting slogans at people as they drive to Target two blocks away, or to Tower Book\Records\Video across the street. I’ve seen as few as 5 people, and as many as 100. Sometimes pro-war folks get in the mix and they shout at each other and wave their signs menacingly at one another.


What good does it do? What harm does it do? Does it send the wrong message to our troops? Does it send the wrong message to our enemies? Does anyone past 17th and before 15th streets give two shits about what goes on at 16th and Broadway?

What the hell is my point?

We should admit to the world that we were wrong to invade Iraq. And to morons squirming with anger, mumbling about Saddam being a bad, bad man…whatever. We don’t have to go halfway around the world to depose a bad, bad man.

We should admit to the world that we don’t know how to rebuild Iraq. Despite rebuilding the South after the Civil War, and Western Europe after World War II, we are in over our heads, and too many people are trying to make too much money off of this whole deal.

We should admit that the puppet government installed in Iraq is completely helpless when it comes to establishing order in that country.

We should say we are sorry.

We should be open and honest and stop acting like Romans coming to pave the roads and bring civilization to the Barbarians.

We should sit down with the people who have picked up the guns against us and ask them what they want.

I wonder if everyone in the world wants to live in a democracy?

I wonder if some people think it is really enough to have food on the table and lights on and clothes on your kids’ backs? The trains running on time?

What the hell was my point?


read the fucking blog.






2 responses

24 01 2007

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28 10 2008

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