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16 09 2009

good these days.

I’m back to work.  Sure, it’s totally bottom rung, but the fact that they are starting from scratch makes me optimistic.  There could be a future here.

And even though everything is upside down with the boys, I know things are going to turn around soon and stabilize.  Can’t tell you how good it feels to have those boys’ arms around me.  Even Eldest concedes to a hug every now and then.

And my friends.  Goodgoddamn, my friends maintain my sanity, let me tell you.  There are some rocks I’ve leaned on in my life, but nothing like you people.  Yeah, you.  You know who you are.

Things are even looking up with my parents.  I never thought something like this last year would bring me closer to them, but it has.

I’ll get back to being funny/cantankerous/outraged soon.  I promise.

In the meantime, let me take you back to those thrilling days of yesteryear with a couple of my favorite posts.

Here’s the one that proved Karl Rove is and will always be the king.  And this here just makes me glad to be alive.





14 09 2009

a new jobby job today.  I’m now a Help Desk technician with Barco, a company that makes digital cinema projectors and systems.  Lots of other stuff too, but I’m in the digital cinema division.  Overall, I think it will be pretty cool.

I’m a temp, which feels a little odd, and hourly, which also feels odd.  And after taxes, I’ll actually be taking home a little less than I am on unemployment.  But, it seems to be a good oportunity to do something rewarding, and it could turn into something really good.  I’m crossing my fingers and remembering that at the very least I’m closing that big gap of time in my resume.