26 07 2007

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Happy days are here again.

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::see scooter scoot!

4 07 2007

Everyone is all flustered over the fact that W commuted Scooter’s sentence and that he won’t do any jail time.  What gets me on this isn’t the fact that this as done in the first place.  What gets me is the fact that this was done given the acts the brought on the charges.

Libby obstructed justice and perjured himself in the investigation of who reveled the identity of an undercover CIA agent.   So he actively interfered with trying to find out who destroyed the cover and endangered the life of a CIA operative.  He lied to the courts about potentially blew the lid off of every investigation she’d ever been involved with.  He put at risk dozens of people who had worked with Plame, either intentionally or accidentally, while she was undercover.

Imagine the joy of being some petty arms dealer in Yemen or somewhere, opening your week-old copy of the New York Times and finding out that there’s an investigation about who revealed that the person you introduced your boss to a month ago is actually a CIA agent.   This would make me very happy, I think.

And imagine being another agent in the CIA, and looking at his from that perspective.  Imagine who happy and satisfied you would feel if you knew that all of the very dangerous work you were doing, and your life itself, would be totally blown out of the water as soon as it was politically expedient.  That high ranking members of the Federal Government (but not the Executive branch…sorry, that’s a rant for another day) would destroy your career and that of those around you without a second thought, and that instead of wanting to find out who did it, the President would actively encourage a cover up.  That’s a warm feeling that would be washing over me, I think.

I think this is what we ought to be focusing on, but we’re not.  The acts that make up the crimes for which Libby has been convicted are lost in the drama of the trial and now the commutation.  These crimes aren’t merely perjury and obstruction.  These crimes are treason.  These crimes put the lives of at least one very dedicated and patriotic person at risk, never mind the people who had worked with her inside and outside of the CIA over the course of her career.

Scooter Libby isn’t the story.  Scooter Libby is the distraction.