::here i go again

31 10 2006

So Monday I got home just seconds before Zachary got home from school, and he comes walking up to me wearing his headphones and listening to the radio. I have a portable mp3 player for him, but I just haven’t gotten around to putting anything on it.

Anyway, he took off the headphones as he approached me and held them out. “Jim, do you know this song?” He asks with his hand outstretched.

I took the headphones and listened for a few seconds.




Guitar solos.

Big hair.

“…and here i go again on my own

goin’ down the only road i’ve ever known

like a drifter i was born to walk alone, wooah.

“That’s a really good song, jim. Do you know what it is?”

“Yeah, man. I know who it is.” I say.

He looks at me expectantly.

“The song is called Here I Go Again, and it is by a band called Whitesnake.” He perks his eyes up a little. He knows there’s more on my lips, just waiting to come out. “That song,” I say in a last ditch effort, “is pretty old. Probably from about 1987 or ’88. I used to have the cassette of this album.”

“Cassette?” Zachary said to me, a little confused.  I could tell that he had only a hazy recollection of what a cassette really is. 

I nod.

“hmmm.  I guess great music is timeless.  That was Whitesnake, you say?”




::day 3

13 10 2006

With no real half and half in the office.

And now the hazelnut is almost gone.

I’m beginning to think the bastards don’t want me around.




10 10 2006

There is no more half and half in the office.

I am reduced to the indignity of using hazelnut creamer.



::trying hard to give a shit

3 10 2006

There’s a lot to be outraged about lately, but honestly, I’m having a hard time caring.

There’s the House Republicans scrambling to get away from the whole Mark Foley thing, shaking their heads and denying for all it’s worth that they knew nothing about the whole thing.  Family values and all that.  Can’t be fucking teenage boys and crusading to save the world for God at the same time, you know.

Then there’s the whole who-knew-what-when thing about the Al Queda menace that the lovely and talented Mister Woodward is stirring up, and the whole Clinton versus Wallace thing last week, in which Bill Clinton proved once again that he’s got balls the size of Texas. 

But I really don’t care.

Elliot started standing on his own last week.  Takes a faltering step or two every now and then.  He turns 1 in two weeks.

Zachary has a girlfriend.  In spite of his obsession with Warhammer 40,000, and his desire to build robot insects and use them to take over the world.

Liam is no longer wearing pull-ups at night, opting instead to wake me when he needs to go to the bathroom.  When I try to lay him back down in his bed, he almost always says, “Can I cuddle with you, Daddy?”  And I bring him to bed.

Christine is looking better than ever and is about to become a practicing dula.

These are the things that occupy me these days.

screw the rest.