21 06 2007

So, there’s a new banner.

Now for some content.





::oh, ahh

19 06 2007

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been exactly motivated to post much lately.  I am–and I’m sure this is shocking–bored with blogging again.

But today I found this nifty new theme and put it up, and I’m all inspired again.  More or less.

So the site has a new look, again.  I wasn’t crazy about the default banner, so I axed it and need to come up with a new one.  I like that I can change it.  I’ll probably do a few posts before I get distracted by the work of doing a new banner, because I’ll get started on that and before you know it something shiny will come along and I’ll never get anything done.


Like the theme?

Hate the theme?

Got a good idea for a banner?

Or a bad idea for a banner?