::have you ever been convicted of a felony? If no, please explain.

17 08 2007

So, justice has been served once again, kiddies, and we can all rest easier.

Jose Padilla was convicted yesterday of supporting terrorism. The main piece of evidence against him was apparently a job application he filled out for attending an al-Qaida training camp.

What does a terrorist application look like?





3 responses

7 09 2007

Update your blog, fucker.

7 09 2007

sheesh, tell me about it already.

It was weeks since the previous post, and this one is what–four lines?

What a jackass.



11 09 2007

I agree wholeheartedly. I am about ready to complain to the management. I take valuable time away from my generalized in-office slack schedule of fantasy football, please somebody e-mail me without offering penis enlargement, shopping, and Angelina Jolie stalking to check in with you. The least you can do is amuse me. Or, send the occasional, aforementioned, non-penis enlarging e-mail. Because, Christ knows (that’s Christ with a K, not your wife) my penis is large enough already.

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