::will jesus care

26 12 2006

if i’m a day late wishing him a happy birthday?

I just got so caught up in the whole presents\gathering\drinking\someassemblyrequired thing that I totally forgot.





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27 12 2006

No more than he would care that the Christian church totally lied about his birthday so that they could steal the biggest pagan holiday.

I came to the realization this year that I no longer believe in one shred of the Catholic lore that I believed when I was little. Jesus and Christmas are totally unrelated. I think that we should celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: surviving what would otherwise be the coldest, darkest, bleakest month of the year by surrounding ourselves with good friends, crazy family, yummy baked goods, lots of wine, and psychotichappy little kids.

Oooooh and Christmas lights. Although they were way more fun a few years ago.


27 12 2006


My comment was longer than your blog entry. Ahem. Get to work.

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