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23 11 2006

I used to hate having my birthday fall on Thanksgiving. I don’t like football, as a kid I didn’t like turkey, and I was usually forced to wear an ugly sweater. Nothing’s open.

I still don’t like football too much, but I can deal with it. As an adult I like turkey. When I wear sweaters now, they’re not so bad.  Nothing’s open.  That’s pretty cool.

In my 20’s, I discovered that the bars stay open and that a surprising number of friends will skip out on a Thanksgiving weekend early so they can attend a drug-induced nekkid birthday party.

In my 30’s, I discovered that the kids get incredibly excited about Daddy’s birthday, and  that football is often pre-empted (much to my brother-in-laws’ chagrin) by the animated hijinks of Buzz, Woody, and The Wiggles.

And when the triptophan and wine induced nap is rudely interupted by sons and nephews, a good wrastlin’ match is better than the best high any thanksbirthdaygiving of the year.





2 responses

23 11 2006

Happy Birthday!

Sorry I missed the party. Atticus got wind that Mama was going to have some fun without him and he went on the offensive to ensure that that did not happen. Sigh. Enjoy being 35 and rock that turkey, my friend.

23 11 2006

Happy Birthday

I hope the day is a great one for you.

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