::so this must be how the Germans felt

18 09 2006

from, say, 1934 to 1945.  I’m sure it took a year or so for the reality to really take hold, for some of the unbelievable rumors to be confirmed. 

What the hell am I talking about?


Fear that this terrible system is going to swallow us all whole, fear that there is nothing we can do to stop it.  Fear that speaking too loudly is going to make them come for me too.  Fear that I won’t give the right answers to the right questions, and the decision will be made to use some alternative techniques.  Fear that my kids will grow up always looking over their shoulder for THEM. Fear that the boogeyman has been replaced by the terrorist.

Fear that we have been replaced for the terrorists.

Fear that any one of us could be among the 14,000.

I’m not really comparing the US Government to the Nazis, am I? 


Only crackpots do that shit.





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