::hey, now

21 04 2006

I just noticed that John Negroponte doesn’t have a flag pin on his lapel.

what gives?

How do we know this fucker is loyal?

I’ll bet he’s in league with Osama.


::fear not

21 04 2006

Good Citizen, the Bush Administration is protecting your rights.


They’ve even appointed a new Civil Liberties Officer to make sure that we are safe and free. The upright and true Alex Joel is the watchdog of the watchdogs, making sure that they don’t shit where sleep.

Speaking of shit, Joel has taken a look at the whole wiretapping thing and says that we’re all good.

“Although you might have concerns about what might potentially be going on, those potentials are not actually being realized and if you could see what was going on, you would be reassured just like everyone else,”

he says.

So it really is just like the President said. We are being kept safe and the evildoers are being thwarted.

Good then.

And just in case anyone was concerned about conflicts of interest or anything like that, you don’t need to worry. Sir Alex will report directly to John Negroponte, the Director of National Intelligence.

I feel so much better now. How about you?