::skip to my indictment

28 10 2005

my darling!Today’s the day! The special prosecuter investigating who could have possibly committed treason by hanging a CIA agent out to dry is expected to hand out indictments this fine day, and the suspense is killing me. Lewis “Skipper” Libby, Cheney’s chief of staff, is going to get an indictment today.

And our Intrepid Investigator, Patrick Fitzgerald, wants to keep on investigating your favorite facist and mine, Karl Rove.

Maybe they’ll roll over on their bosses!



The early demise of the totalitarian regime that is destroying our country!

Oh My!






2 responses

31 10 2005

I can only pray that Scooter’s indictment will be enough to mobilize true patriots in our country to demand an investigation into Bush’s lies to congress. (an impeachable offense.)

11 11 2005

You know? I’d like to think that would happen, but it seems so unlikely.

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