::the suspense is killing me

8 10 2005

So, today is the official due date of the latest bun in the oven. He’s not showing any signs of making an appearance any time soon, but I’m thinking sometime in the next 48 hours will be the time.It’s kind of hard to relax when you know you’re going to be meeting your spawn imminently.more to come, i’m sure.





One response

10 10 2005
baby 2 B

You think you’re nervous? Damn, here I am about to burst forth from this warm cocoon, readying myself for a slap on the ass, poked, prodded, and a bit perterbed! And you’re nervous?

Well lemme tell you, buddy, try being cooped up for 9 months, no whiskey, no smokes, weird garlic in my diet and too many people trying to rub my ass.

‘Nough said!–>

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