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10 06 2005

is this thing on?Pretty sure that I’m the only one who reads this thing. That’s okay, I suppose–except I already know how all the posts are going to end.

Did you see that crappy King Aurthur movie that came out last year? There’s a scene at the end where Author gives the movitational speech that all heros have to give post-Braveheart. The speech rallies his forces to ride in and save the day for God and Country and Freedom, and the hottie in warpaint. Except he gives the speech to like 5 people. Ruins the effect.

I have a similar feeling about my blog from time to time.

Whatever. He still got the hottie in the end.





One response

14 06 2005

Nice blog Jimbo. I, too, have a blog; a very progressive one.

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