::let us not mince words

4 04 2005

(…Blogging from the road this fine day. No links, no pretty pictures…)To be blunt:
George W. Bush is a coward and a criminal.

Today he handed out a Medal of Honor to the 11 year-old son of a soldier killed two years ago in Iraq, during what is now known as the Battle of Bagdhad. During the ceremony, he retold the story of the soldier’s bravery and death, talking about his disregard for his own life as he defended his men, with Sargent Smith’s bravery reaching a climax as he, in the President’s words, “took a fatal round to the head.”

Dubya spoke with what I call his Good Ol’ Boy Tough Guy tone. As if he’d seen that kind of action back in The ‘Nam, and it was only the grace of God that prevented such a fate for him. But it wasn’t grace he felt as he failed to show up for duty, instead getting play with his dress blues in Alabama redneck bars and using his dad’s East Aisan CIA connections to score good dope.

And as I heard this on the radio and imagined my own 10 year-old son in the place of this boy who lost his father, I thought about the grief and the rage he must feel from time to time, when the darkness creeps in a little too closely. I wonder if the photos and the flag and the newly-bestowed Medal of Honor serve to heal the broken heart that beats in this boy’s chest.

My best hope is that they do deliver some peace as this young man struggles for sleep, and that they disturb the slumber of the Commander in Chief, knowing that each day he cheapens these symbols of sacrifice like so many cheap gift shop trinkets.

The blood of millions stains him, and his office, and all of us.

January 20th, 2009 can’t come fast enough.

I hope regime change brings change.





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