ohhh…the virginal post

25 02 2005

So, this would be my very first blog entry in my very first blog. Been thinking about it for a while now. I always kind of thought of blogging as not much more than an mutation of those incredibly irritating personal web pages everyone and their cousin put up when that whole World Wide Web thing started to really take off a decade or so ago. They got old pretty fast. Don’t care about your hobbies, and the out of focus pictures of your ugly kids don’t do much for me. But who wants to be such as asshole?

Not me, I tell you. Cute and warm and fuzzy is what I’m all about.

I used to maintain an irritating personal web page myself. I ranted like a blathering idiot about this or that, and put up some bad poetry, some short stories I couldn’t get published anywhere else. Oh, and some porn, too. Can’t forget the porn.

And because I don’t really care to achieve much here, I plan on doing more of the same. Except I need to see if my EULA with the fine, fine people here at ezsgblog.com will let me get away with the porn thing.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my writing and the need to get back into it for a while now, and this whole blogging thing seems like an easy enough way to at least re-establish the habit of writing every day for something that has nothing to do with my jobby job.

Hunter’s graceful exit also got me thinking about getting back to it. Writing isn’t something you forget how to do if you’ve gotten out of the habit. But you do have to work up the balls again. If the Good Doctor has balls enough to go out on his own terms, I figure I’d really be a pansy if couldn’t put up some meager little blog.

So this is enough for now. I’ll put something up every now and then and see if anyone pays attention. Maybe I’ll post a story or two. But I’ll keep the bad poetry to a minimum.






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